"The Country of Somalia" (April 1999) overviews the geography of this poor but developing nation in the eastern part of Africa, the Horn of Africa.

The Country of Somalia.pdf The Country of Somalia.pdf
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Merca, Somalia (Copyright Unknown)


Somalia Relief Map, CIA, 1992 (Copyright Unknown)





In "Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Attitudes Toward the Land of Palestine" (originally written in Spring 1999, revised in Summer 2000 and slightly revised recently), I try to show not only attachment by each major faith to The Land but also each faith's detachment or "distancing" from Palestine.  The mix of long-held beliefs, politics, and the violent struggle for control, as well as world interest, makes this topic very, very difficult.  I have also included below an outline designed for leading discussions about Palestine and its religious claimants.

Skeleton Chronology for Palestine.pdf Skeleton Chronology for Palestine.pdf
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"Jerusalem, the Holy City" (April 1983) surveys names, geographical location and topography, history, and walls and gates of the Old City and highlights special features and excavations of the Ophel Ridge and the Temple Mount areas.  Traditional sites associated with the Passion of Jesus also are overviewed.

Jerusalem, the Holy City.pdf Jerusalem, the Holy City.pdf
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Topographical Map of Palestine, Courtesy of


Temple Mount Area, Old Jerusalem, from "12 Day Study Tour to the Holylands" Brochure, Conducted by Alabama Christian School of Religion, Courtesy of The Quest Travel Group & KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (December 1985).


Israel and the Disputed Territories (Copyright Unknown)




If I recall correctly, these "Oman Briefing Notes" were provided through Air Force channels back in the 1990s.  They reflect the situation of the country during that time but include much that is still useful.

Oman Briefing Notes.pdf Oman Briefing Notes.pdf
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World Heritage Graves, Al Ayn, Oman (Copyright Unknown)

Oman Relief Map (Copyright Unknown)




"Turkey, A Short Geographical Brief" (Spring 1999) surveys this crossroads country that clings to both traditional and modern ways of living.  Revised in May 2012 with bibliography.

Turkey, A Short Geographical Brief.pdf Turkey, A Short Geographical Brief.pdf
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Turkey Regions Map (Copyright Unknown)





"Feng Shui, Overview and Resources" (April 1999; resources updated May 2012) gives a sketch of the "art of placement" with some internet and book resources.

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Attributes of Feng Shui at The Dingle in Shrewsbury, England




"The Green Revolution" (April 2000) surveys the pros and cons of the introduction of  high-yield hybrid seeds into the agriculture of developing nations in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Green Revolution.pdf The Green Revolution.pdf
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"The Mediterranean Region" (February 1999) looks briefly at three broad characteristics that define the Mediterranean lands as a distinct geographical region:  (1) access to the sea and to three continents; (2) barriers from the continental heartlands; and (3) climate.  

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Mediterranean Sea Relief Map (Copyright Unknown)