The files to the right contain a variety of charts, in 8 1/2 by 11 inch format, for study and reference.

Archaeological Periods of Palestine.pdf Archaeological Periods of Palestine.pdf
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The Jewish Annual Calendar.pdf The Jewish Annual Calendar.pdf
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"An Evaluation of the New King James Bible" (Spring 1980) highlights improvements in translation clarity and consistency of the New King James Bible: New Testament over the traditional King James Version, although the Greek textual basis adhered to, i.e., the textus receptus or so-called "Majority Text," represents a throwback to pre-Enlightenment days.

An Evaluation of the New King James Bible.pdf An Evaluation of the New King James Bible.pdf
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Just to the right of the main entrance to the Washington County Courthouse (above left) in Jonesborough, Tennessee, a bronze broadside or plaquard (above right) is posted that contains the full text of "The Ten Commandments" (from Exodus 20.3-17) and The "Greatest" and "Second Greatest" Commandments of Jesus (from Luke 10.27).  These scriptures are taken from the King James Version of the Bible and are displayed in memory of Dr. Robert L. Bachman.  In the northeastern part of the state, Jonesborough is Tennessee's first town, and Washington County is Tennessee's first county.


"The Initial Conquest: Jericho" (Joshua 6:12-21) and "A King After God's Own Heart" (I Samuel 16:4-13) appeared in the 20th Century Christian Adult Bible Quarterly for the Fall of 1986.

The Initial Conquest, Jericho.pdf The Initial Conquest, Jericho.pdf
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A King After God's Own Heart.pdf A King After God's Own Heart.pdf
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"The Perseverance of Job the Patriarch" (2001; revised 2018) briefly overviews the story of the suffering patriarch and highlights his persistent faith in Yahweh in light of the tragedy he experienced.

The Perseverance of Job the Patriarch.pdf The Perseverance of Job the Patriarch.pdf
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"The Deity of Christ in the Psalms" (January 1979) is a short devotional study about the use of select Messianic passages in the Psalms by New Testament writers.

The Deity of Christ in the Psalms.pdf The Deity of Christ in the Psalms.pdf
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"Amos 2.1-3, God's Judgment against Moab: The Prophet's Method, Message, and Theology" was presented at the 16th Annual Stone-Campbell Journal Conference at Johnson University (Knoxville, TN) on April 7, 2017.

Codex Washingtonianus (Biblical Uncial 032, above left) is a late fourth or early fifth century copy of the Four Gospels in the so-called Western Order (Matthew, John, Luke, and Mark; see wooden cover above right).  It is housed in the Freer Gallery of Art at The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.


"Survey of New Testament Documents: An Outline for Introductory Study" (Revised Summer 2019) follows the genre of New Testament Introduction and briefly looks at author, destination, origin, date, theme, purpose, and occasion for the twenty-seven books of the New Testament.  An outline, notes, and suggested projects for further study are given for each book.  Overviews, chronological notes, various special studies, and several lessons also are provided.  

Survey of New Testament Documents.pdf Survey of New Testament Documents.pdf
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"Hanged on A Tree and Cursed by God:  An Examination of the Uses of Deuteronomy 21.22-23 in the New Testament" was presented in April 2021 at the Twentieth Annual Stone-Campbell Journal Conference (Virtual), hosted by Lincoln Christian University (Lincoln, IL).

Hanged On A Tree and Cursed By God.pdf Hanged On A Tree and Cursed By God.pdf
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"The Limited Use of 'Zion' by New Testament Writers" surveys the use of "Zion" in the Old Testament prophets and psalms and then explores the seven New Testament passages that make reference to "Zion."  A few brief reasons why the authors of New Testament writings do not make greater use of the expression "Zion" are suggested in the conclusion.  The paper, in abbreviated format, was presented in September 2020 at the Nineteenth Annual Stone-Campbell Journal Conference (Virtual), hosted by Johnson University (Knoxville, TN).

"The Birth of Jesus, An Outline and Questions for Study" can be used by Sunday School classes for a thirteen-week look at the birth narratives in the gospels of Matthew and Luke.

"Questions for Study of the Gospel of Mark" provides a simple, chapter by chapter overview for personal or group study.

The divinity of Jesus and its emphasis in John's gospel is examined in "The Deity of Christ in the Gospel of John," published in the Firm Foundation (March 1980) and revised in February 2011. 

"Baptism in the New Testament" develops the theme that God uses Christian baptism, through the work of Christ and the Holy Spirit, to bring about a new beginning for believers individually and for his church collectively.  Based on New Testament texts, the study (available in endnote and footnote versions) is Chapter 10 in Baptism and the Remission of Sins:  A History of Baptismal Thought in the American Restoration Movement, edited by David W Fletcher (1990; repr., Hester Publications, 2009).

Baptism In The New Testament, Endnotes.pdf Baptism In The New Testament, Endnotes.pdf
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Baptism in the New Testament, Footnotes.pdf Baptism in the New Testament, Footnotes.pdf
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"The Apocalyptic Logos of Luke in Acts of Apostles" (April 2015) suggests that Luke uses Joel's endtime prophecy as his keynote for the book of Acts.  See too the full website - Apocalyptic Rhetoric in Acts of Apostles.  The paper was presented at the Fourteenth Annual Stone-Campbell Journal Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

"Kingdom Theodicy in Acts of Apostles, Acts 27-28: Seeing God's Handiwork in Situations of Life (Storms, Shipwrecks, Snakes, and Sicknesses)" looks at Paul's voyage to Rome, the travel narrative of the last two chapters of Acts, to emphasize God's providential care for his apostle.  It is suggested that this segment of Luke's narrative provides the reader with a "kingdom theodicy" to encourage believers to trust in God's care during times of trouble.  The paper was presented at Johnson University in Knoxville, Tennessee, at the Eighteenth Annual Stone-Campbell Journal Conference (April 2019).

Kingdom Theodicy in Acts 27 and 28.pdf Kingdom Theodicy in Acts 27 and 28.pdf
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Acts of Apostles Chronology.pdf Acts of Apostles Chronology.pdf
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"The Life of Paul the Apostle" (June 1975; revised February 2011) gives the reader a quick summary of the life of Saul of Tarsus based on a basic, elementary reading of the New Testament book of Acts and a few, uncritical popular commentaries.

The Life of Paul the Apostle.pdf The Life of Paul the Apostle.pdf
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The first paper surveys biblical and extrabiblical evidence about beginnings of Christianity in the Imperial City.  The second paper, a brief "special introduction" to Paul's letter to Rome, relies on internal evidence and a few older works of the New Testament Introduction genre to answer basic questions such as authorship, origin, destination, occasion, purpose, and so forth.

"The Book of James in Light of First Century Social and Economic Tensions" argues that this New Testament "General Epistle" is not a collection of wise sayings about many different themes but rather is a unified message, from the brother of the Lord to Jewish believers in Judea and elsewhere, in which James counsels patience, restraint, and perseverance in light of the abuses of the rich and powerful and the severe reaction of those who would respond with violence.

The Book of James.pdf The Book of James.pdf
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