"A Brief Doctrinal Statement" uses a trinitarian format, or God revealed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, to emphasize from a biblical perspective what is important to Christian faith and life.

For a nice summary of Christian beliefs based on one of the earliest creedal formulations, see C. Donald Cole's The Apostles' Creed: All You Need to Believe (Moody Press, 1998).

A Brief Doctrinal Statement.pdf A Brief Doctrinal Statement.pdf
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The very brief "Fundamental Doctrine, The Cross of Christ" (Gospel Advocate, April 1981) highlights the death of Christ as an essential basic for Christian faith and life.


"Sanctification and Fellowship in the New Testament" (written originally in the mid-1980s and revised July 2014) applies the biblical concept of growing in holiness or sanctification to New Testament occurrences of koinonia or fellowship.  It is argued that sanctification is a key to true Christian fellowship.





"God Is Your Creator, So What?" looks at Paul's sermon to philosophers at Athens (Acts 17:24-31) in light of biblical teachings about God as creator.  Published in the Firm Foundation (January 1979) and revised in February 2011.  

God Is Your Creator.pdf God Is Your Creator.pdf
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"The Goodness and Severity of God" develops and harmonizes these seemingly opposite attributes of God, based on Paul's writing to the Romans (chapter 11).  Published in the Firm Foundartion (April 1979) and revised in February 2011. 

The Goodness and Severity of God.pdf The Goodness and Severity of God.pdf
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First written in November 1982 and revised in March 2011, "Is Modalism A Viable Trinitarian Concept" examines three basic fallacies of the modalistic view of the trinity.

Is Modalism A Viable Trinitarian Concept.pdf Is Modalism A Viable Trinitarian Concept.pdf
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The paper on "The Meaning of Adultery in the New Testament" was discussed at a symposium of Church Of Christ preachers in Nashville, Tennessee during the Fall of 1982.  I have made a few revisions to the text, mostly grammatical, but in content by replacing the word "relationship" (that has little biblical meaning) with "union" (that seems, to me, to fit biblical concepts of marriage better).





"The Second Coming of Christ--Past or Future" examines the preterist view of Christ's second advent in light of the "ambiguity" in New Testament texts about the time of the Lord's return.  Published in the Gospel Advocate in August 1981, in La Vox Eterna in July-August 1982, and revised February 2011.

Second Coming of Christ--Past or Future.pdf Second Coming of Christ--Past or Future.pdf
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"An Analysis of the Theology of Modeling" appeared in Image Magazine as "Biblical Modeling" (August 1986) and develops a philosophy of church and ministry based on the sociological phenomena of identification, observation, and reduplication.  Revised February 2011.

An Analysis of the Theology of Modeling.pdf An Analysis of the Theology of Modeling.pdf
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"Church Growth Principles" and "Mobilizing the Church for Crisis Intervention" suggest ideas for outreach and growth.  Each includes an outline for lessons based on Paul's letter to Ephesians.

Church Growth Principles.pdf Church Growth Principles.pdf
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"Stewardship and the Meetinghouse" [Firm Foundation (January 1981); revised November 1982 & February 2011] explores both theological foundations and practical applications for efficient use of church facilities.

Stewardship and the Meetinghouse.pdf Stewardship and the Meetinghouse.pdf
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"Pain and Suffering: An Outline for Group Study" (Advent 2013) uses popular and more critical works to explore from a biblical perspective problems and plausible solutions to the classic and persistent challenge to theism - pain and suffering.