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I penned "Militant Musings" while deployed with the 1175th TRANS CO (HET), Tennessee Army National Guard to Southwest Asia during 2003 and 2004.  I was forced to deploy with my unit due to the U.S. Army's controversial Stop Loss provisions.  This made my experience bitter and emotional.  Please be sure to read the introduction that places "Militant Musings" in its appropriate context.

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"Lonely Trailer," Camp Arlington Motorpool, Kuwait, 2003 - 2004


Sunset Over Euphrates River at Samawah, Iraq, Spring 2003


Euphrates River at Nasiriyah, Iraq, Spring 2003


This photo was taken south of Baghdad, Iraq, in early Spring 2003 on a return trip to Kuwait with the 1175th TRANS CO (HET), Tennessee Army National Guard, Deployed.  Unit members thought this might be the burn-off from an explosion at a weapons dump site.


This photo was taken in the desert of southern Iraq from the window of the HET (Heavy Equipment Transport) in which I was travelling.